Thursday, March 13, 2014


We have received a number of generous donations to Malibu which have been beneficial to our grounds and the continuing success of the horticulture program.  Anzac SPO arranged for Malibu to receive a Sea Container to enable Horticulture supplies to be stored safely and securely. They negotiated with Sea Containers WA who supplied and delivered the container.  

Our second donation came from Willow Realty who came to our aid when we suffered a number of vandalism attacks over the Summer Holiday’s.  They visited Malibu to see the damage that had been carried out to the Horticulture gardens and presented us with a Bunnings voucher to enable us to buy replacement items.  

A really warm thank you to those Staff, Parents, friends and families who gave up their free time to help us attend to the grounds following the destruction.  It was great to see the group joining together to make a true difference to Malibu.