Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy 30th Malibu!

The recent Malibu 30th Birthday celebrations were fabulous, the day was just full of special moments for many people.  
We had just over 250 visitors through the doors that day, including former staff and students along with community supporters and partners.  All present staff and students shared our amazing school for the day and showed off their talents and work displays.  It was amazing watching re-unions happening for both staff and students.  
The opening ceremony saw speeches from past Principles such as John Exetor, Ted Kelly and Joanne our fabulous Deputy who on many occasions has stepped up to be our Principal.  We also had speeches from former and present students, we had two ladies who were part of the first primary class back in 1982 supported by both their mothers who were part of the original driving force behind getting Malibu built.  

We had performances from the Waikiki Choir, Safety Bay Jazz Band & Chearability Lions We had a petting zoo, bouncy castle, badge making, navy activity area, fairy floss station, art zone and displays from many of our work placement partners.  

The day absolutely flew by and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.  The day ended just as perfect as it started with the traditional singing of ‘Happy Birthday to Malibu’ by all our wonderful students.  We cut our special cake that was given to us on the day in the shape of the Malibu dolphin and shared it with all our Malibu friends.

Special thanks to the organising committee, HMAS Stirling, Malibu Cafe & Fiona Scott, the NAB and to Leanne Tolley for making the wonderful birthday cake.