Sunday, September 16, 2012

We had a ball at the spring school ball 2012

Well this years special education spring school ball was just amazing.

We had 20 high school students and 18 staff attend this years school ball at the Hyatt in Perth's CBD.  What an amazing night we had.

Many of our students stayed back at school and got ready for the night, supported by many of our amazing EA's we were ready to go by 5.30pm.  The students looked simply stunning, our resident professional photographer Annette had all her own equipment set up ready to capture the elegance of our teenagers before they headed off in limo's to the event supplied by Event Limousines.

Every danced the night away after enjoying a buffet dinner.  By the end of the night we all had sore feet, heads full of great memories and some very tired people....that was more the staff, the students wanted to rock the night away and many continued the party in the limo on the way back to school!

Special thanks to Anita, Annette, all the Staff who support the students to get to the ball and those who gave up their evening to attend and very special thanks to Event Limousines who donated the limo's for the night you truly made it extra special for us!