Saturday, July 28, 2012

malibu olympics opening ceremony 2012!

well we could not let such a special event as the Olympics go by without us getting our name out there!  all our classrooms have turned into our very own Olympic teams, the first task was for each classroom to create their very own team banners, each and everyone of them did an amazing job!

we then set to and using our new undercover area we opened the games.  each team nominated their very own torch bearer and in turn paraded their banner.  So following a kick off speech and the national anthem the teams paraded proudly around the arena.  it was amazing to see how great all our teams united and raring to go.

there were even some early medal winners from this event alone.  medals were given out based on team-ship,  excellent participation, quality of banners and just simple 'have a go' sportsman ship.
Finally the parades were over and the official 'let the games begin' was announced by our own version of HM the Queen, Principal Noelene!

each Wednesday afternoon the whole school will be participating in Olympic events, there will be a medal tally outside of TA1 for all to view each week to see how they are doing.