Sunday, July 1, 2012

end of term whole school assembly

was once again spectacular.....the crew of P1 hosted the assembly with all students reading and speaking so well.  We were joined by the Waikiki Primary School choir who sang several of their songs to us included the National Anthem as our opening song.  They were simply amazing performers and we thank you all very much for joining us.  
There were many well deserved merit certificates given out and even some super student nominations and’s great to see all the hard work paying off, congratulations to those students.
Our very own Malibu’s got talent contester closed the Assembly, Bryce with his perfomance of Eye of the Tiger solo!  It was to say the least, tear jerkingly good.......Bryce has been performing with the MRA group each week and his abilities have definitely shone through, Bryce also performed at the MRA Bands show in Northbridge over the weekend, luckily it was during the day as he may not have had appropriate ID to get in!
Thanks again to the P1 crew for organising such a wonderful assembly, can’t wait for the next one.......