Monday, May 28, 2012

The Malibu Cafe

The malibu cafe opened it’s doors last week after only just over one term of planning and preparation.  As part of the senior transition years development a cafe committee was born.
Following approval by the Finance Committee to fund this special project the committee set to and began dreaming of what the malibu cafe would offer our high school students and what it would look like. The decision was made to convert our independent living house into a cafe where our students would have the opportunity to work and learn in a real life cafe. The cafe model was designed to look, feel and act as much like a real life cafe as possible giving students an opportunity to learn all
or some aspects of cafe management from laundering, setting up, ordering, delivery, stock management, purchasing, cashing up etc....all utilising literacy, numeracy and communication skills. The students involved are in their second week of working in the cafe and have just been simply amazing, the delight on the students faces has been truly fantastic to watch, all have done an
outstanding job. Special thanks to all who have been involved and all who are supporting this venture. The cafe is already showing that they can keep themselves financially sustainable for the future without needing to rely on the finance committee for any further funding....even a profit may be on the horizon for the end of year!