Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Seniors go on camp!

Fairbridge Seniors Camp 2013
On Tuesday 12th of February 18 enthusiastic transition students headed off site on our Snoopy Bus and brand new Sunshine Coast for two full days of excitement and adventure to Fairbridge (situated in Pinjarra). Armed with energy and anticipation students and staff braved the heat together and shared in team work, bonding and induction experiences throughout the time at camp.
We had swimming pool games and an evening BBQ by the pool followed by a nature walk where we saw lots of wildlife, got up close with some really gentle horses and played spotlight until it got dark. On Wednesday students and staff engaged in team building and problem solving games in a large hall.
Students and staff helped to prepare breakfasts, lunch and dinner each day and were responsible for their own cleaning up. – The girls dorm was much neater and cleaner than the boys dorm, although there were a lot more boys than girls! Spaghetti Bolognaise and the BBQ were the most popular meals with some students having more than one serving!
A definite highlight of the camp was the opportunity to go on the flying fox. Although not everyone wanted to go on the flying fox ALL students were mesmerized while their mates took the plunge. Some students had to overcome much anxiety and needed a lot of encouragement from their friends, and everyone who went on the flying fox indicated it was something they will not forget for a long time.
The facial expressions of fear that then turned into absolute JOY as they whizzed down the ropes was amazing and exhilarating experience for all.
One of the most touching moments at camp was when one of our very generous students offered their night light to one of our male staff members who was a bit scared....of the “Fairbridge ghost”!
The bonding that was developed between the students and staff and students to students, working together in a different setting was great to see and will be a huge benefit to us all as we travel this journey together in their last years of school.