Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Garden Island Christmas Party

it was that time of year again for our annual visit onto HMAS Stirling and Garden Island...whilst the weather was causing us a few problems and even made us think about cancelling the day it certainly did not dampen the excitement and fun we all had as we headed over to the island for a jam packed day for the whole school.

Normally we party on the beach and take a dip in the ocean to cool off, however the weather did change these plans as we headed off to the Navy gym instead for the day.  It was still great fun for all our students and our staff!  We partied hard, played happily had a fabulous BBQ lunch prepared for us by HMAS Stirling crew and we even had a visit from Santa himself!  The day also brought a massive surprise to us as we were presented with a cheque from the staff and crew of HMAS Stirling.  For many years the base has been our community partners and this year they have once again gone above and beyond!  In collaboration from several departments fund-raising and holding charity events and along with the Navy Golf Charity as they held their annual Navy Charity Golf Day in December we were presented with a cheque in excess of $45,000.  This will be formerly handed over to our School Council Incorporated and they will determine along with the leadership team which initiatives in 2013 will be financially supported by this fabulous donation.

Thankyou once again to the staff and crew of HMAS Stirling, we all had a fabulous day!